Our/your first session proposals

This is the first list of potential themes for the workshops at LinguaCamp 2015 Berlin

Session proposals on 2015-09-21

Our session proposals on 2015-10-02

Learning by doing

  • Babel Tower: challenges building a tower in different languages
  • Learn language with (action) theater
  • Language Cafe with Language Games
  • Table Topics: giving short, sponteous talks in the language we are learning

Using Technology

  • Maker Space: language learning and teaching with open hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Lessons learned from using and designing flash card apps
  • LMOOC : Designing a language learning massive open online course (MOOC)

Finding and using quality content

  • Free and effective resources available for language learning
  • Improve your English with TED Talks (we’ll watch and discuss a TED Talk and how they can be used for language learning)

Teaching methods, content creation, and assessment

  • Methods to help effectively help refugees learn the local language
  • Teacher Stories: how a language teach can use their life experiences to create a story.
  • The honeycomb approach to designing valid and reliable language tests.
  • How to certify language skills with Open Badges

Your favorite session proposal

  • Do you approve? Which session would you like to attend?
  • Any ideas to add or questions?
  • Do you want to run one of these? Or help out moderate one?
  • Do you want to run your own?
  • Please write in the comments below.
Christian Reuter